Routes 30 and 41 and Interstates 65 and 80 serve as the crossroads for our nation and are heavily used for trucking. The frequent travel of semis, often pressured to make tight deadlines, can lead to negligent driving and serious — even fatal — accidents.

We represent semi accident victims, including drivers and passengers of smaller vehicles and other semis. Cars and trucks that are no match for 18-wheelers are often totally destroyed, causing severe injury such as brain and spinal cord injuries.

What Goes Into Preparing a Successful Semi-Accident Case for Trial?
At our firm, we prepare our 18-wheeler accident cases for the courtroom from day one. We conduct thorough investigations of all the facts and laws involved in your case. We often visit the scene of a crash and take photos. We speak with key witnesses, collect evidence and review travel logs.

Close inspection may also reveal that a semi was traveling too fast or that a driver was sleep-deprived before a wreck. By investigating the truck driver’s background, our truck accident attorney may also find that this driver was not properly trained or qualified for the position.

We also work with a network of experts to help build strong and successful cases. These include treating physicians, accident reconstructionists, economists, vocational rehabilitation experts and even physicists who can testify about a collision and its harmful effects on you.

This extensive preparation often leads to the best possible results. Surprisingly, the more we prepare for trial, the more we are able to actually avoid it.

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