Instructions for Personal Injury & Accident Victims

Things Which You Should NOT DO:

  • Do not give any statements, written, recorded, or oral, to anyone concerning your accident or injuries without first getting our approval.
  • Do not make any incorrect statement to any doctor who may treat or examine you respecting any prior injuries or accidents, if you don’t remember, say so.
  • Do not change your address or employment without notifying your attorney.

Things for you to REMEMBER:
Address and Phone: Inform your attorney immediately of any change of address and/or telephone number or employment.

Car Repair: If your vehicle was damaged, try to obtain pictures before you get it repaired. Use color film and take a whole roll of pictures. If you do not have a camera, please call and we will make arrangements to take the pictures.

Medical Items: Save all pill bottles, casts, braces, and any other items from your doctors.

Photographs: Give us any pictures and videos of the accident or accident scene that you or anyone else has taken for you.

Your job: Tell us of any changes in your job, job duties, salary or anything.

Receipts: Be sure to obtain and save all receipts itemizing any and all expenses you incurred as a result of your accident. Receipts must be dated and contain legible and complete vendor identification.

New information: Inform us of anything you think has a bearing on the case, including extensive medical treatment or hospitalization.

Five BIG MISTAKES clients make:

  • Not seeing the doctor if you are in pain.
  • Not doing what your doctor tells you.
  • Not keeping your doctor appointments.
  • Discussing your case with anyone other than your attorney or your doctor.
  • Failing to tell your doctor about medical problems due to the accident.

Follow Your Doctor’s Advice
Be sure to do what your doctors tell you. There is never a reason or excuse to miss a doctor’s appointment. By missing a doctor’s appointment, you are saying to the doctor and to the insurance company that you don’t hurt and that it doesn’t matter that much. Our job is to make a recovery for you for the pain and suffering that can be proven. Not going to the doctor is a good way to prove that you are not hurting and that you don’t care. If you don’t care, the doctor may not care. It is very important for you to work hard to get well and to go to all of your appointments.

If you are in pain and you do not see a doctor, the insurance company and the jury will not believe that you are having pain.

Each time you go to the doctor and report that you are still having pain, your doctor makes an entry in his records. It is important for your doctor to have up-to-date information on your condition. Some clients get discouraged and do not see their doctor even though they are having pain. This may harm your claim. It is important that your doctor knows how you are feeling.

Who To Talk To
Do not talk about your case with anyone except this office and your doctors. If your own insurance company wants to talk about your case before they pay your medical bills, please refer them to us.

Bicycle Accident Attorney

A bicyclist is a very vulnerable traveler. Even if you wear a helmet, put the appropriate lights on your bike and follow traffic signals, a car wreck involving a bicycle usually leaves the bicyclist with devastating injuries.

Indiana law considers bicyclists on the same level as drivers of motorized vehicles. They are entitled to ride on most roadways and are expected to follow the same traffic laws.

While most accidents involving a bicycle can be traced to negligence and reckless driving on the part of a motorist, there are also times when the biker is at fault for not obeying the rules of the road.

Many cyclists do not realize that they can get their medical bills paid through their own auto insurance, so they avoid getting treatment for their injuries.

Our professional staff works diligently to prepare your case for trial, even if we reach a settlement prior to entering the courtroom. We are determined to help you achieve the best bike injury compensation possible.

Head-On, Rear-End & T-Bone Crashes

It is not uncommon to suffer serious injury as the result of a head-on, rear-end or T-bone crash, even when there is minimal damage to the vehicles involved. If you have been injured in a car accident, choose a lawyer who is not afraid of a fight to get the compensation you deserve.
Our goal is to get you the best recovery possible for your pain, suffering, lost wages and other damages.

Car Accident Injury Attorney
When attempting to recreate the scene of an accident, it is often helpful to understand the different types of collisions that can occur, including the following:

Head-on: When the front ends of two vehicles hit each other, often resulting in severe or fatal injuries
Rear-end: When one vehicle crashes into the vehicle in front of it, usually caused by tailgating or panic stops
T-bone crashes: When the side of one vehicle is hit by the front or rear of another vehicle or a fixed object, forming a “T.”