Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer

One of the worst things about nursing home neglect is the abuse of trust that the families feel. They trust that the nursing home would provide better care than they could at home. Instead they find that their loved ones have been hurt and in some cases, severely injured.

For our clients and the families of the elderly or people with physical and developmental disabilities and false promises are simply not acceptable. If a nursing home has broken your trust and injured someone you care about, take action. Talk to a lawyer who will fight for you.

Many different types of nursing home neglect and abuse:

  • Bed sores (also called pressure sores and decubitus ulcers)
  • Malnutrition/dehydration
  • Untreated infections
  • Pneumonia
  • Medication errors
  • Lack of supervision/wandering off/elopement
  • Broken bones from falls or abuse
  • Physical or mental abuse

Nursing home neglect

Readers in Lake County, Indiana, who have elderly parents understand how fragile they can be, and how much care and attention they may require on a daily basis. This is certainly true for those elderly individuals who are in nursing home facilities. Children understand when their parents need the assistance of professionals, and therefore put their trust in nursing home staff to care for their parents. Because of that, it can be very upsetting when a nursing home fails to provide adequate care to its residents, resulting in nursing home neglect.

Nursing home neglect can result in residents receiving serious injuries, and even causing death. Unfortunately for one resident in another state, the assisted-living center her children trusted to take care of her failed to give her appropriate medical care after she fell, which ultimately resulted in her death.