Daughters sue hospital and doctor for wrongful death of mother

Readers in Lake County, Indiana may be interested to hear about a recent lawsuit filed in another state. Two daughters are suing a hospital and a doctor for medical malpractice after their mother’s death which occurred at the hospital. The daughters claim that the doctor performed a number of failures, the result of which caused the fatal accident their mother suffered from.

The mother initially visited the emergency room at the hospital due to a shortness of breath and wheezing. She was then admitted under the care of the doctor. The daughters claim that after two weeks of being in the hospital, their mother began suffering from severe abdominal pain and shortness of breath. They further claim that the doctor merely gave her acetaminophen to treat the pain. The daughters then claim that their mother’s health then rapidly deteriorated — her belly became swollen, she started vomited and had to be resuscitated. They fault the doctor for only then ordering a CT scan. As a result, they say their mother died two days later.