Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

If a family member has experienced a brain injury or spinal cord injury in Indiana, it is crucial to discuss your options with a lawyer. Spinal cord and brain injuries are life changing. In some cases, a lawsuit against the responsible parties can be the only way to get the compensation you deserve and prevent the same harm from happening to others in the future.

Our clients include individuals and businesses, and we both defend them against personal injury and liability claims, as well as pursue claims on their behalf. This allows our clients to benefit from our perspective and our ability to anticipate and counter the opposition’s arguments.

Our clients are not charged a fee for representation in brain injury cases, regardless of how the accident happened. Instead, we take a percentage of the money that we collect for you. And if we do not recover compensation, you owe us no attorneys fees.

What to Expect in Your Initial Consultation

An initial consultation and evaluation by Attorney is free of charge on any case. When you schedule yours, you can expect to have a frank and confidential conversation. We will talk about your situation and review any documents you’ve received, including police reports, letters from insurance companies and medical records. We’ll tell you what usually happens in cases like yours, and we can talk with you about possible outcomes. If you choose to retain us as your law firm, we will discuss a strategy for success and we will take the necessary steps to get started.